A point and shoot kind of girl.

So, I just got back into the whole blogging thing and my camera dies on me. Ce'st la vie, I suppose.

I'm trying to be a patient person. And money's tight because we just bought a new car. So I kept my lips sealed and didn't mention one thing to Josh about purchasing a new camera. I just pouted silently.

On Saturday morning, he approached me about it. I decided to research camera's online. Do I want an SLR? How much zoom do I really need? Seriously, I really could not decide. I perused different camera review sites all day. No camera was perfect, and I was really hesitant about purchasing a camera online.

However, Amazon.com had a really good deal on a Canon whatamacallit that was rated pretty high. I went ahead and purchased it. I guess everyone else in the universe decided to do the same thing because it is back-ordered until January.

I can't live without a camera until January!

I canceled the order and promptly went to Creve Couer Camera the very next morning. (I should have went there in the first place.) I planned to go and buy whatever the salesperson recommended. I thought for sure it was going to be overpriced, but as long as it met my criteria, I didn't really care.

The saleslady was really friendly. I explained that I want something that didn't wash people out when the flash is used and a camera that I could shoot close up photos of food with. She showed me two cameras and that's when I fell in love.


It's doesn't have a fancy high-powered zoom, or a million features that I don't know how to use. But it takes great pictures! And it's blue. . . I guess I'm just a point and shoot kind of girl.

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