The end of an era: A thanksgiving recap.

Thanksgiving came and went like a tornado. My job was to bake pies. Five. This was my choice, and I am not quite sure what I was thinking. I spent at least 10 hours makes crusts, baking pies, and whipping ingredients.

The aftermath:


I'm not a big clean as you go person. I tend to make a big production of things and then clean up later. Thanksgiving was no exception.

We even managed to put the pies in the back of the car.


However, I didn't even take one single picture of any of my pies. Once we got to Keri and Shawn's house, I was so wrapped up in the activities that I didn't even take pictures of the Thanksgiving spread.


Who could possible blame me for not caring about the food when you have such a cute niece to follow around?


Keri dressed her in leggings and a shirt dress. She definitely has her Aunt Jenny's style.

AND, Ms. Londyn Lou is on the go!!


After Pie, I dropped my camera on the ground. It looks like it's broken forever. It's been with me through almost three years of blogging.

It's the end of an era. . .


Jennifer said...

I'm also not a clean as you go person. Too much work!

SAHM I am said...

That's one of the reason why I buy pie crusts, rolling out dough is messy!

foodiechickie said...

Holy moly what a cutie!!! What kind of pies?