We're moving!

Josh and I swore we weren't going to move until he starts graduate school. We have moved almost ever other year since we have been married, and it's exhausting. However, the road to graduate school is taking a tad longer than we thought and our apartment is developing so many stacks of books that it will eventually swallow us up. So we are moving to a two bedroom unit. It's still your basic apartment, but I am excited nonetheless.


I can't wait to paint the walls a lovely honey color.

I really want to compost all year long on my patio. I simply cannot wait to have a kitchen herb garden where I can pick some basil or rosemary.

I am so excited about the pantry! I'll have room for all of my Le Creusets!

And a dishwasher. No more of this:


I didn't even mention the central air and extra bedroom for our bikes and the like.

We are moving in two weeks, so I'd better get packing.


Miss Steffy said...

Where???!! Any closer to me?? or same apartment complex?

Misty said...

A dishwasher... For those of us who love to cook, that can be EVERYTHING!

Heather said...

exciting!! take some pictures so we can see how you decorate! The floor plan looks nice and roomy!