I've been making some crazy yummy stuff lately, but due to my short hiatus I haven't really been posting about food. Last night I made this tasty carbonara. Only I don't really follow the recipe. I rarely measure (unless I'm baking,) and I often substitute. In this case, I use bacon instead of pancetta.

Yesterday's dish also included pappardelle noodles. It was my first experience with these type of noodles, and I was delighted. The pappardelle was wide enough to sop up the sauce, but thin enough to not be too doughy. They had a deliciously eggy taste. Pappardelle may be my favorite noodle yet.

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Miss Steffy said...

Jeremy is on a beer kick and wants to go to the Schlafley beer brewery, i know i spelled that wrong...any interst in going some time next month?