Last night I made this scrumptious Les Halles Onion Soup from An Exaltation of Soup, by Patricia Solley.


It was a delicious, standard beef broth French onion soup topped with toasted French bread and Gruyere cheese. I am very happy with my newest cookbook purchase.

The book touts that it's a "soul-satisfying story of soup in more than 100 recipes." Exaltation of Soup does not disappoint. It features the soup recipes popular for different holidays and countries. I made the Les Halles Onion Soup first, but I am very excited about the recipe for Borscht Soup too.

Today, I spent the day with my Mom. We ate lunch and then went to the Knit and Caboodle yarn shop where we oodled over a lot of fiber.

I officially have a stash!


St. Louis is recovering from the snow storm, even though we had marble sized hail today. Pugapoo will definitely be happy that the snow is melting.


The abominable Pugapoo!


Emily said...

What are you planning on knitting with that yarn?

Miss Steffy said...

I have given you an award..check Quills for details..muwhahah!!