Let's get some business out of the way:

I'm pledging to blog 365 days this year. So far I have made it two days, which is still amazing in itself. I really don't want to do pointless blogs, but I can bet some of them will be. I'm not so sure that I have 365 days worth of things to say, but I'm sure that I can pull something out of my ass.

Thanks to Misty, I have become an avid Google reader fan. This is such a great way to keep up with all of the blogs you love. If you read my blog, please feel free to subscribe to google reader.

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Thanks for leaving comments this last year and a half. I would really love to know who reads this blog. Any lurkers out there? I would love to see your blogs too.


Misty said...

wow, that is quite the undertaking! :) good luck! know that I am tuning in!

SAHM I am said...

365! I couldn't even imagine. BTW- I'm a lurkin'.