I have long made lists, organized in various fashions. My grocery list is most often written on a white legal size pad at work. I separate the different sections of the supermarket into columns and carefully list what items I would like under each appropriate category. The grocery list accompanies a half-hearted attempt to compile a menu, also on a white legal size sheet of paper. I record the planned meals for the week. However, I always tend to lose this list and totally forget what I planned to make.

Josh also compiles lists. His are fashioned on a squat notepad that I picked up at the grocery store. He records all of the things that he wants to accomplish and then ticks them off once he has done so. Do laundry. Check. Change My Space Picture. Check. It's very methodical. Honestly, I'm quite envious of his dedication.

My others lists mostly consist of yellow post-it notes haphazardly stacked on my desk. One current post says Jamison-possibly Keri's baby's name? Another says Geisha and Golden Moon Tea. The notes usually don't make much sense to me after a few days because I don't really remember what I was referring to. Usually, these lists somehow make their way off my desk and somewhere into oblivion, never to be seen again.

Therefore, I have finally decided to keep a journal of sorts, somewhere to compile my thoughts each day.

Meet 2008 Journal:

It's my attempt to become more organized. Hopefully, I won't lose the darn journal.


SAHM I am said...

I keep my grocery list, menu and other assorted shopping needs on an Excel spreadsheet. The grocery list is in the same order as the grocery store isles. The menu gets printed out as soon as its made and posted on the fridge. Yup, I'm a little OCD. But Mike and I never argue about whats for dinner anymore!

Anonymous said...

I am the same way.