Happy New Year!


I was perusing Post Secret today and found a postcard that fit my outlook for 2008. It's time for a fresh start. I've already been working at my goals for 2008, but I have a good outlook for the coming year. I can feel it! Taste it! Breath it!

Last night Josh and I saw an enchanting coyote. As I brought the car to a stop, I rolled the window down and welcomed her to my world. She kept her eyes on us, and her ears were attune to what I was screaming. I was really impressed that she didn't shy away. I named her Alexia, Alex for short. 2008 is definitely the year of the coyote. She signifies many more good things to come.

Josh and I are actually going to take a vacation to the beach, with kayaks, Hawaiian delicacies, and hikes to water falls. I am going to leave the pug for a few days, and not have to call constantly...or no more than once a day. :-)

I am also going to be healthy, even if it kills me. Over the last year I have adopted many habits that enable me to feel better, but I really want to balance my nutrition while still enjoying the foods I eat. I am also starting to practice a little more yoga. I took a yoga class a couple of semesters ago, but have undeniably let it slip under the rug.

I also want to relish in the fact that I have a wonderful husband, great family, and fabulous dogs. Josh is great. He always has been. I really get the warm feeling inside when I think about him and how supportive he has been through my 2007 year. My dogs, of course, are the cutest things on earth. My scruffy pugapoo affectionately hates me. My pug, and side kick, is always at my feet waiting to snuggle. I definitely want to practice patience in taking them on long walks and making sure that I groom them more often. In fact, everything is so exciting. I feel rather close to my family right now. In April, I will be able to meet my niece!

Although I may not exactly be starting anew, I can definitely say that I love my life. Thanks everyone, for being a part of it.


SAHM I am said...

Sounds like you're starting the year right! Health and the love of my husband are two things I cherish most. Good luck in 2008.

Pille said...

Happy New Year - and thank you for popping by on my blog!