I first viewed this movie the an old friend, Patricia. She pronounced her name Patressia. We often went to the Ford Friday Movies at the art museum. I remember the theatre smelled like old books, musty and worn. There was no popcorn to munch on. However, you didn't really need any. From the moment Delicatessen hit the screen my eyes were transfixed.

Delicatessen is a masterpiece. The cinematography surpasses no other with it's mystical angles, and bright coloring. There is definitely a fantastical quality to this film. Just close your eyes and listen to the strange, musical sequences that the characters pull off. Then open them again and realize that all of the objects captured are moving to the music's rhythm. It's wonderful.

This movie has a terrific, magical feel to it. It's almost like a dark, fantasy land. Only towards the end, the darkness begins to lift to reveal clear skies and red umbrellas.

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Emily said...

I have yet to see that film and my husband LOVES it plus we're both huge fans of "Amelie". :)