Dearest Pikachu,

You are the best dog a girl could have. I really appreciate your company and companionship. However, there is the point in the life of a dog-mom where I simply cannot let you sleep on the bed any longer. You cramp my legs and take up way too much room. A girl like me needs as much beauty sleep as she can get.

So we have provided you with a blanky of your very own and a handy couch pillow. Daddy also spends five minutes tucking you in every night. Now it is your responsibility to stay put and snuggle up in the soft, nice, comfy couch. That means no bouncing at the bottom of the bed. No sticking your sweet little head in my face. Otherwise, you will go back to sleeping into your cage. AND we will let you whine deep into the night.

Pugs and Kisses,

Your Mom

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kim said...

This made me laugh out loud and miss my dog. It's cute, isn't it, when they start to realize that maybe they don't rule the house like they thought they did? My black lab used to literally stomp her feet and huff like a human child when she didn't get her way.