My Wish List:

Josh requested a wish list from me. To be honest, I could probably list a million items. However, we just don't have the space. I can always make room for cookbooks, and a few other non-essentials.

1. Moosewood Retaurant Book of Desserts-

I have already sampled the apple cake. It's delicious. I could really utilize these fruit laden desserts.

2. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World-

I love this concept. I have just baked my first set of vegan cupcakes. Blog to follow.

3. Recipes for Life-

At the natural foods store this afternoon, I could not put this book down. Everything looked so simple and delicious.

4.Soy Inspirations Candles (at Dierbergs near the Magazines)

The Green Tea and Lemon candles smell divine.

5. Chuck Taylors- Pink and Brown, size 5.5 men/7.5 women.

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