Write Wright

I have quite an obsession with Frank Lloyd Wright as of late. I really admire his works. I love how Wright incorporates nature into his architecture and his ability to make a great use of space. A lot of his works are cozy and small, but still have the open air feel of a giant room. (And he often used blue as an accent color!)

Since I am taking an art history class, I am required to visit the infamous art museum and then write an impossibly boring, paper that corresponds with my visit. I was all set to pour my heart and soul out over Gauguin. However, I soon learned that Frank Lloyd Wright designed a house in Kirkwood. It will soon be an architecture museum, but you can tour now it by appointment. Hopefully my generous and fair professor will allow me to write on this house instead of a painting. It would be absolutely ideal and lovely. I simply cannot wait another minute. I have already e-mailed my professor and left a message to tour the facility. (I could scream with excitement. In fact, I already have.)


Felicia said...

What a terrific opportunity to see one of his houses :)

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

So did your professor ok this? I'm an art history major and also into architecture.

AMEN said...

if you do get stuck with gaugin, i have a great book detailing the time that he and van gogh shared studio space. it follows their tumultuous and loyal relationship to a degree that is a little obsessive. might help gain more perspective on his works.