Another chapter in my life.

As most of you know, I have another blog called My Alter Ego where I post points in my life where I am struggling. Although that blog defines an important part of my life, it's difficult to keep up with two blogs. Hell, I hardly ever even post here anymore. (That's going to change. I can feel it.)

So, I am combining both of my blogs into one. Shabby Cheap feels more like home to me anyway, even though I am not really struggling to be happy, healthy, and chic anymore.

My life has come a long way this year. I smile each and every day from deep inside. And, since I am starting a fresh semester of college tomorrow, I would like to further embark my journey with some goals.

1. I plan to do a service to the community this year. I was already asked to take notes for a disabled person at school. I was really honored with the fact that I was even asked to do so. My grades show how hard I have worked, and finally someone has recognized this. Perhaps, I'll volunteer at the humane society or a soup kitchen.

2. I will not let the negative energy in my life bother me. Tit for tat is no longer in my vocabulary. Breath in and out and let it go.

3. I will find a way to recycle more. I already recycle paper and magazines. I just need a way to get rid of those pesky plastic bottles.

4. I will continue on my journey to health. I exercise six days a week. I have even taken up running, even though it feels like my arse is going to fall of. I will also eat at least five servings of vegetables a day.

5. I will say hello to at least five people a day, make eye contact and smile.

6. I will try to become closer to my sister for reasons that are not public right now. She has been really great to me the last few days. She deserves everything in the world.

7. I will let bygones be bygones. There are some personal issues with a family member that really need to be worked out. I just have to find a way to do that.

8. I will celebrate the fall, my favorite season.

9. I will find a way to be a better friend to Steffy, the one who always listens to me not matter what.

10. I will joy in the fact the my love for Josh is growing stronger and stronger as we find ways to celebrate our life and future together.

11. I will smile.


Misty said...

funny how fall is a collective time for many of us to focus on our goals... i have been constructing my list on paper and will blog it soon...
i can't tell you how glad i was to see you had posted! it was a great/happy read!

Felicia said...

Those are wonderful goals