Today is a day of mixed feelings. Josh was offered a position at work that almost doubles his current salary. In fact, he will make more in three days than I do in two weeks. This is an absolute blessing to us, as we have been struggling for several years to make ends meet. It is an opportunity of a lifetime.

However, this position is riddled with complications. Josh will have to work every single weekend. And, I was pretty much guaranteed at least every other Sunday with him. This has really hard for me to come to grips with, since I cherish my time with him.

But, I have come to realize that Josh really does look out for our best interests. This will be allow us to conquer our ultimate goal of moving to Chicago. Heck, eventually I won't even have to work and I can drown myself in literature and pugs.

I sat on the bed this evening, with my two wonderful dogs cuddled against me, and thought long and hard about how Josh is so caring and wonderful. Even though he knows that this will be a bit of a sacrifice for me, he tries to offer up little peace offerings to comfort me and make me feel better.

Honestly, maybe this is just what I need too. Time to concentrate on my school work, and mend myself further. I know in my heart, Josh and I will find time to steal away from each other. That's not what I worry about. I just miss him, but I know he's only a heart's beat away.


Anonymous said...

Beware the Mistress of a "great" Job.

Hi, I'm a Shabby Chic girl too from STL. Been seeing your blog on the

Your marriage is worth MUCH MORE than a triple salary. Basically, you are going to sacrifice your marriage for more money... Money for what? I guarantee you this will Not make it easier or you more happy. Marriage is the most sacred thing in this world. The one thing that God uses to compare His relationship to us. Don't ruin a good thing!

This has potential to ruin your marriage. Reconsider. So, you are going to see your husband how many days a month?

Is that REALLY worth it?

Beware The Career Mistress.

Blessings to You And Your Marriage,

Anonymous said...

WTF? This is insane. You are not a shabby chic girl. Trust me. Anyone who solicits advice like this needs to walk a mile in my shoes. I pour my heart and soul out in this blog and in return, I get holy-than-though comments like this. My husband and I need this promotion to achieve our goals. If you have even read a paragraph of this blog, you would realize this. I'm not a Career Mistress anyway. I'm a School Mistress, and a slave to my own education.

Felicia said...

Congratulations to you both.

stljoie said...

Surlely he will have some scheduled time off during the week. Since dietary functions 7 days a week maybe it would be possible to reschedule your days to coordinate with his. My husband and I have faced this time demon too but you have to do what's best for your future

Miss Steffy said...

Now I remember why I worship Satan, Yay Satan YAYAYAYAY SATAN!!!!!
Give me a 1..give me a 2...give me a..


Anyway...I am so happy for you girl, for once in our lives, we get what we want, but there is always a catch..If you get any more bible humpers let me know.