Princess and the Pea.

Natalie Dee

I have been tossing an turning for the last few hours. The mattress cover is bunched up under the sheet. I almost feel like the Princess and the Pea. Only I'm without a pea.

Tomorrow I begin the process of starting my new career as a Nutrition Assistant. I am giddy. I am only going in to get my physical, but it's a start. I can only imagine how wonderful it's going to be having a job that I love. A job that I am off by 7:30 p.m.. A job where I don't have to work overnights anymore.

Things seem to be coming together quite nicely. My choice in a degree has pretty much been sealed. I am going to earn a BS in Nutrition sciences with a culinary emphasis. I also plan to minor in English, for fun. I cannot be more happy with these choices. In fact, I am rather excited.

I have even decided that I am going to be taking Chemistry and Algebra next semester. (Maybe I'll have something to talk to Josh about. Maybe.) It's a start in the long road of Science and Math.

I am really excited about the upcoming summer. I am looking forward to the cycling races that Josh and I will attending. I cannot wait to cheer Josh on at the MS150. I look forward to Sunday concerts at the park. Ice Cream in the dark. Reading at Picasso's. Many walks with the boys. BBQ. Farmer's Market. And, cycling, of course.

I am also on the road to being semi-vegetarian. I am slowly integrating more vegetable based dishes into our diet. I am not replacing the meat that we have in our freezer. For some reason I have been really sick to my stomach lately. I think that it is because I have increased my meat consumption. So, I am trying to rule that out.

And, the best part. I will not be lured into eating crappy McDonald's food. Even though their new Southwest Salad is rather tasty. It only tops out at 420 calories. That's not so bad considering it has black beans which bring in seven grams of fiber.

Oh yes. Life is grand.


Misty said...

Vegetarianism rocks! we did it for a month, (that was our goal, as a family) but when we went back to eating meat, we went back to organic meat... It's much more expensive and so we eat it less. It changed our entire diet and we feel so much better having done so!

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Hey, sounds like things are going good for you! That's terrific.

I was a vegetarian /borderline vegan for 18 months. I had to stop the strict vegan thing though, because I was not able to cook enough dishes to replace all the nutrients I was losing.

Vegetarian though, that can be easily done nowadays...tons of great recipes out there. I had to quit that too, because having kids makes things like hot dogs, mcdonalds, and such, your staple foods. :-)

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