My Month by the Lake and other stories.

It was almost a lifetime ago when H.E. Bates wrote A Month by the Lake and Other stories. Perhaps, his writing is a little dated. However, I just love his use of metaphors. For example when Bates has Major Wilshaw describe Ms. Bentley as having "a mustardy sense of humour, a little dry and hot on the tongue as it were."

You just can't get that in "Modern" day novella. Today's authors are too busy trying to discover governmental plots, or shop the entirety of London. Don't get me wrong. I savour these types of fiction too.

I'm just so glad that I stumbled upon these short stories. It takes me back a different time and place where people took time out of their day to feel the breeze brush past them. They peeled grapes, posted mail, and rode trains from England to Italy.

I really think that my former life was set in a Jane Austin-like novel with carriages, and long farewells.

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