Has is been that long?

I never thought I would wait two weeks between a blog post.

I have been really, really busy getting used to my new job. Frankly, I love it. I don't even really think about McDonald's anymore.

And, I have a lot more free time. Oh yes, Josh's belly has been full. I have been making really great lunches, and dinners. There have been veggies involved almost every day.

We also went to the Tour of St. Louis bike race. That was so freakin' fun! Josh and I loaded up on picnic snacks, and watched a whole day of hot guys swirling around us on bikes that cost more than our cars. I have a favorite, secret, cycle crush. I will talk about it more once I do my hot cyclist post.

Oh, and I have a new bike obsession.

Yes, it is beautiful. I would have to second mortgage a house.

But, one can dream. And get out there and ride. Which is something I have been secretly pining over. Instead I have been walking on the treadmill while watching House Hunters.

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