I think I'm in love now...

With the movie Elizabethtown. I'm especially in love with the message that it brings to the table.

"Lovin Life."

This is something that has taking me a long, long time to realize. It's all finally coming together. I haven't really had a bad thought about life in a week. I have a wonderful, wonderful, fantastic job. I can say the same about my husband, only more. Dogs, and school and everything.

I think it's about time we go on a vacation. Today, riding in the car, Josh and I solemnly pledged that we were going to take a trip. The compass points to Key West. Yep. I really think that we want to do this. No backing out this time. Because yes, I have a problem with with backing out. We never have a enough money, time, anything. But, this time we are going to do it. I can feel it.

So next May, or sometime, we are going to be sipping Margaritaville's in the sand. Riding our bikes to the beach.

Let the saving begin.

On a side note: I just discovered how amazingly handsome Orlando Bloom is. I could eat him. Ahhhhhhh......


Misty said...


This movie received such bad press and even though I believe most movie critics are full of doo doo, It's what I do. I am a film critic, so it still filters in. Reluctantly, on DVD, I settled down to watch this movie and fell absolutely in love. I have seen it dozens of times, had friends bag on the acting, but it's near flawless to me. Fabulous soundtrack(s), amazing messages... rejuvenating. I love it!

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

You know... I guess I didn't see the beauty in this movie. I remember seeing it (vaguely) but don't remember liking it that much. Not to say I didn't like it but it was one of those easily forgotten movies for me.

maybe I oughtta give it another shot, what you described here, sound fabulous.