To do:

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1.Clean out my closet and donate things that I have not worn in ages.

2. Bake Bread.

3. Find a good home-made alternative to Guinea Pig bedding. Is newspaper safe?

4. Start looking at Major's at UMSL, SLU, Wash U. (I wish) and Edwardsville.

5. Sell old bike and Television on Craigslist. Any takers?

6. Go for at least two rides before Monday. (To earn that new Ipod.)

7. Develop an exercise regimen, and stick to it.

8. Eat nutritiously. Yah! (No fries.)

9. Find a part-time job.

10. Make a little recycle bin for plastic bottles.

11. Groom furry pugapoo and Josh. Hell, baths for everyone.

12. Menu for next week.

13. Start putting all photos on CD.

14. Take the boys on a walk. They'll love it.

15. Go to work. :-(

1 comment:

Misty said...

7- seriously... i adopt that goal every morning...
I suck.

your last point made me laugh... :)
thanks for stopping by!