Ode to Joshua:

Natalie Dee

Can we please own a tomato farm someday with:
goats and chickens
lots of pugs
a Newfie, if you must.
bike rides down country roads
wild flowers
a barn
dining room w/ pretty china
salt water fish in every corner
barefoot pathways
ESPRESSO and coffee with cream
gravel roads
guinea pigs!
and vacations away
an apple tree for pie
not too far from where you lead people down the path of Chemistry

We are almost there. Just keep plugging along.

So one day they will say,

"Dr. Burns, I saw your wife at the hardware store. I didn't know that she had a lip ring, and wore gypsy dresses. Was that a crazy pug in her car?"

Because, Yes, I will not live up to their expectations,

but I will live up to yours (and mine).

We will have our dream.

And that's what counts.

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