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I have a billion different blogs that I browse frequently. Today, I stumbled upon Vivacious Vegan where she invited anyone to participate in a Tag to share SIX weird things about me.

Most of you probably know some of these, but alas...

1. I rarely water my three houseplants, but I want to be a tomato farmer. In fact, I would give my left arm for 40 acres and a mule.

2. I never ever want to be in a new stitch of clothing again. I would much rather peruse goodwill and garage sales to find vintage digs.

3. I have tried sewing several times, but for some reason I do not have the patience to learn how to thread the needle properly. I was given a very nice vintage sewing machine when my grandmother Clement died, and have bought hundreds of dollars worth of patterns and fabric. However, I can never seem to commit. It's sad really. I would love nothing more than to make table clothes, and skirts to my hearts content.

4. When we eat at a restaurant no matter what I order, Josh's meal always seems so much better when it arrives at the table.

5. I tend to think of myself as a coffee purist, but when at a coffee shop I only order Frappe's. I even tend to chastise people who order black-forest-mochas or non-fat-triple-shot-mocha-lattes, even while I am sipping on my blended dessert drink. :-)

6. I want to save the earth, and hope to die trying.

So, I tag:
and Misty.

Your turn. What are six weird things about you?

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