Maybe it's time to grow up:

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I am going back to school. Yah!

What am I going to be? An astronaut? President of the United States? A zookeeper?

Nah, It's too late for all that.

I have narrowed it down to a few things:

Dietitian w/ a culinary emphasis
or a.....
Graphic Artist (maybe)
or a, English major.

Who knows?

I just don't want to get a useless degree. We all know they are out there.


It depends on where Josh goes to graduate school. It looks like Edwardsville, Illinois is going to be the place of choice, I hope. Now all that I have to do it wait, and hope, and wait and hope.

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Misty said...

Dietitian with culinary emphasis sounds fantastic! I would love to go back to school. I have my dream list taped to my desk...