Silly Sickness and Ode to Martha

Josh I and have been battling a cold for about three weeks now. I originally went to the doctor and they put me on seven different medications, all of which had nothing to do with my cold.

Josh held steadfast until yesterday, when he finally decided to go to the doctor himself. It turns out we have a sinus infection and where promptly put on the antibiotic, Augmentin which is essentially a glorified 875 mg. of amoxicillin.

Without our sniffers in working order, we really haven't been able to taste anything. Which means really haven't been cooking all that much, except 15 bean soup and cornbread muffins.


I used the standard recipe on the back of the 15 bean soup with Kielbasa. Oh How I love Kielbasa!

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And, Martha Stewart is the reigning champion for corn muffins. I think that this is becoming the Ode to Martha blog. Oh well, they were really, really good. Yah.

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