A Cupcake kind of love:

I have had quite a relaxing weekend with lots of coffee, a little reading, and some much needed playtime with my family. We had my little Sis's birthday party this weekend with lots of steak and cake. But, that's a post reserved for the 22nd, her actual day of birth.

Sans laundry duty, I have spent most of my day lounging around the house, and updating my bakespace profile. (Ugh. I really do need to take an HTML class. I know that if I really knew what I was doing, it wouldn't have taken several hours to make my profile.)

Alas, I am really happy with outcome. In fact, it is rather perfectly, perfect for someone who could eat a cupcake every day of her life. :-)

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Sprinkled full of love
a Cupcake's aura is
iced with perfection.


Yes, sometimes I Haiku.

P.S. Please add me to your bakespace.

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Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

I'm going to add you! I sent you a message in bakespace.com and I'm glad I found your blog!