I got my road bike.

I don't want to show a picture just yet. I'll save it for my first ride. Until then, here's a picture from the catalog.

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I chose the Raliegh Cadent 1.0 over the Trek 1000 because it will let me have a more upright ride. Right now, it feels really weird riding it, but I cannot wait for good weather.

P.S. It has carbon forks too, Josh.

I also made a mad rush to Trader Joes today. I heart Trader Joe's. Oh so very much.

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So in the spirit of Hungry Planet, the above are my finds.

DB also has a new cage. I call it the Beaner Castle. He has so much more room to hop around until he is let our to play with his BFF, Pikachu. I know he loves it.

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So forgive me if I shout with GLEE!

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