Cuteness trumps Thievery

I think that all I ever want to do is drink coffee (with cream) and watch these two cuddle.

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Try to top that Josh. You could never steal a picture as good as this one. Tell Theressa if she would like to see some genuine pictures of the pug, she needs to stop over here. Love you.

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Indira said...

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for visiting my site. I'm so glad you liked it. I have been facing so many system issues that I haven't been able to blog regularly.

I am a real lazy cook :) but I love to eat, and this passion of mine has forced me out of my couch and into the kitchen.

I belong to a small village south of Goa and our community is known as Konkani. Most of the recipes on my blog are family recipes, but as you may already know, that as and when we experiment with food, we loose the authenticity of it.

Regarding my mood when I cook, well what can I say... it varies, I cook when I am happy and when I am not so happy. All the same the "end product" is always appreciated.

Please let me know if you need any help preparing these recipes, I will be glad to send some advice your way.


P.S. I have a labrador retriever, and I like your Pug a lot. :D