Year in Review: Ra Ra Ra

2006 was probably the most difficult year that I have experienced in all of my 28 years. I must say that now that it's over, things can only get better.

I've learned many things from 2006.

*I think the most important is that even if you only have a cent to your name, at least you have a cent, and:
each other
a roof over your head
food, great food to eat
a car to drive
two wonderful dogs a Guinea pig
a great family

* If I car payment needs paid with that one cent we have, I need to go out and do something about it. Even if that means getting another job, or forgoing school for another semester.

*Credit cards are not the answer. If we do not have cash to pay for something, then we just don't get it. Chances are we didn't need it anyway. After all, why can't we just love what we already have anyway?

*Sometimes, it's important for Josh to have some alone time too. It was really difficult for me to see Josh go riding on Sundays with his friends. I don't think that I care anymore. In fact, I hope that one day I am physically fit enough to tag along with him...I know that he won't mind.

*On that same token, sometimes its important to pay attention to Josh. I should turn off the ipod, or sit down with him at the dinner table. Maybe I'll give into that "free" back rub more often. Wink. Wink.

*Nutrition is important. And Exercise. Enough said. That's something I am working on.

*I LOVE Coffee. I would have never thought I would admit this aloud.

*I have been able to keep a job for a year. Even though the zone manager position was not quite my cup of tea, I have learned to have fun at my job, for the most part. I have managed to stay there for a year and I am even learning grill. I may not be the fasted or best at it yet, but I definitely love it!

*Love myself. I am wonderful. I love my hair, and clothes, and eyes, and nose. I'm just fine the way I am.

*Friends are fun. :-)

So yah, I am really glad this year is over. But here's t0 2007!

With more:
great food
culinary growth
no more cell-biology for Josh
chef school in the fall
lots of bike rides
dog park with my boys
dinner with my fam
drinks with Stef and Jeremy
and can't forget scrabble games, even though RA is not a word.


Gary said...

I just stumbled across your blog via STLBloggers and I have two things to say.

1. I fully support Josh riding. I have no basis for that, since I know neither of you, other than the more guys who ride the better. I too spend many mornings doing the same.

2. I'm happy you love coffee. Therefore, you must, I repeat MUST, visit VJ Coffee and Tea. It's a little shop situated between Creve Coeur and Chesterfield that has the best coffee in town. I swear, it does. One cup of Haitian Bleu and you'll think you've died and gone to caffeinated heaven. Tell 'em I sent you and they'll treat you like a queen.

That is all this stranger has to crow about. Except to say again, Josh should ride often and far.

Miss Steffy said...

RA is definitely not a word...And I BEAT JEREMY!!!! muwhahah!!!