Things that I am thankful for:

I'm still not really cooking. This saddens me. It seems to be almost the only thing that keeps me from sliding into a spiral of depression.

I just have not been able to keep myself in the holiday spirit. Although Josh and I had a marathon baking section on Monday, I cannot even bring myself to decorate the cookies.

There's no tree in our house this year. We thought about stringing my spider plant with blue lights, but never got around to it.

I know the original reason that I started this blog was to turn my frown upside down, so to speak. We are having major financial problems, and I thought that I would document my cheap life, and how I'm loving it. Our bills are not late, but we generally don't have much money left after we pay them. This has forced me not to be able down-grade our grocery budget to $50 a week. We generally cannot even go out to lunch or anything. We were even forced to put my parent's Christmas gifts on a credit card (which we where trying to avoid), and we cannot don't even have any left over to buy our niece and nephew their books.

I suppose that's not really the meaning of Christmas. However, when gifts are forced upon us, we feel the need to reciprocate.

All this was just fine, until I left work last night with two nails in my tire. It just feels like we work so hard, and it just keeps getting worse.

I really don't want to end things on this note, I just needed to get my frustrations out.

Things that I am thankful for:
1. My husband.
2. Petey, Pikachu, and Dusty Bean. (The other three men in my life.)
3. My family.
4. My ability to cook delicious food!
5. My new found love of baking.
6. My ipod, and obsession with podcasts.
7. The fact that I am healthy.
8. This blog, and the sanity it has brought me.
9. Coffee, with heavy whipping cream.
10. My spider plant, and the long life it has lent me.
11. Herbs, and the herb pots that grow on my stoop in the summer.
12. The earth, the wind, the rain, and all of nature that god has shown me.
13. The little fox that let's me catch a glimpse of it, as I am sometimes driving home from work.
14. My family's pets that shower me with love when I visit.
15. Coloring books and my secret obsession with them.
16. The colors blue and brown.
17. Grocery shopping.
18. Olde Town Spice Shoppe.
19. Farmer's Market
20. And so much more.


lonewolfbefree said...
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lonewolfbefree said...

We are truely living on love. I can't think of anyone else I would rather be with under the circumstances. I love you so much.

Charisa said...

found your blog recently and am enjoying your food posts! sorry to hear about your tough times right now. since your not doing much cooking now, maybe take some time and write about your favorite things to make, or the best meal you've prepared. i'm always interested in hearing cooking stories!