A few of my favorite things:Cookbooks

I haven't really been cooking much this week. In fact, Josh basically just informed me that this is unacceptable.

I just think that he is spoiled. :-)

Meanwhile, Check out a few of my favorite cookbooks. These are the cookbooks that I find myself turning to over and over again:

The Martha Stewart Baking Handbook.

(Big Surprise) As some of you know, I am baking my way through this book. I really think that this cookbook is essential for every home cook. Every recipe has been fabulous, and surprisingly easy.

King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion.

This book is really high on the list. It has the absolute best blueberry muffins and other recipes like soft pretzels.

The New Moosewood Cookbook:

This book has the best onion soup in the world! And other, must have veggie recipes.

Jamie's Dinner:

Not only is Jamie Oliver handsome, he also knows how to cook. This is no exception. My favorite recipe is a Spinach Marzapone Pasta dish that make my mouth water.

Rachael Ray's 365: No Repeats:

Even though I have only made two things out of this cookbook, I had to include it. Both recipes were really good, and only took 30 minutes. I was really surprised!

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