Oompah Loompah

"He who is not satisfied with a little is not satisfied with allot." -Greek Proverb

This morning, I woke up at the early hour of 11:00 a.m. If I want to see Josh, I must do this. I also figured that I should probably send him on his way with a full belly. Otherwise, Josh probably would not eat.

I print a menu on the fridge every week, with the intention of making every single thing printed. Usually, that doesn't happen. This week, however, we are on a budget. So, I made a dent in the menu.

Today I planned to make Gyros (pronounced yeerow.) Their Greek origin lends them to be put in a pita with a creamy, yogurt and cucumber sauce.

I didn't use a recipe this time. I made up my own tzatziki sauce by mixing one cup of whole milk yogurt, shredded cucumber, a pinch of dill and mint, and 2 cloves of garlic.

As I let the sauce rest in the refrigerator, I pan-seared the pre-made lamb/beef gyro meat that I got at Global Foods Market.

Then I warmed the whole wheat pitas in the oven.

To assemble I put the pita on a plate and smoothed on a layer of the tzatziki sauce. Then I added the pan-seared meat followed by shredded lettuce and feta cheese. I added tomatoes to mine, but left those off of Josh's for obvious reasons. He loathes tomatoes.

They were so delicious. Almost as good as the ones that we get at Gyro House sans the cheap, plastic seats and burly, Lebanese man.


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