Hey Good Lookin' Whatcha got cookin'?

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I am so freakin' excited about what I am cooking this week. I am almost about to burst!

First, I just went grocery shopping and stocked up on all sorts of veggies and fruits. I am really making a huge attempt to be healthy.

In fact this week, I decided that fast food no longer really appeals to me. There is no since in wasting 20 dollars to go out and eat a bunch of crap. I know that I can cook something that is absolutely delicious and nourishing.

Second, I bought three different varieties of King Arthur Flour: All-purpose, Whole Wheat, and Bread.

Third, I am going to bake my way through Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. Yes, You hear it. Three recipes a week until I am done with the whole thing. I am going to have to skip around a bit because she uses so much cream and butter. It would cost a fortune, and cause me to go up a pants size.

Here's what I have cooking for this week:
1. CousCous and Sweet Potato Salad w/ a Jenny Frittata

2. Cabbage and Soba Noodle Soup w/ Martha Stewart Baking Powder Biscuits

3. Pumpkin Lasagna w/ Red Wine Vinegar Salad

4. Italian Wedding Soup w/ leftover biscuits

5. Homeade Pizza topped with veggies

6. Plain Ole' Veggie Spaghetti w/ MS Herb Biscuits

In addition to meals:
1. Homemade coleslaw
2. Martha Stewart's Cranberry Zuchinni Muffins.
3. Whatever floats your boat brownies
4. Vanilla Whole Milk Frozen Yogurt


Josh said...

The biscuits are great...I think they lasted 2 days

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh. Hey There. You are sexy.