My Winter Wishes

I sit, drinking my freshly shaved mexican spiced cocoa, thinking about what I wish to accomplish this winter. It makes me giddy to think of it.

My Winter Wishes:

1. Apply to culinary school. Oh, how this is a dream come true. I printed off the application just this afternoon.

2. Drink Espresso and be able to determine certain berry or caramel notes. I have recently decided that I absolutely love Press Pot coffee, but have not graduated to no cream or sugar yet.

3. Recycle. I have already started to recycle plastic bags. We also return the bottles on our Oberweis Milk. I plan to initiate a recycling program in our house for glass and bottles. I just have to convince myself that I have room to do this.

4. Learn to bake. So far, everything except my banana chip bread and Texas sheet cake has been a flop. I yearn to have fresh baked scones for breakfast, or croissants. I hope to be able to dip biscotti into my sugarless coffee. I wish that I could have crusty, fresh baked bread with the homemade, delicious winter soups.

5. Have a positive attitude. This shouldn't be that difficult. After all, the glass is half empty, eh? I really am a happy person. I just complain a lot.

6. Develop an exercise regime. This will be my hardest wish. I do not like to exercise much. But, I do like to walk. I like to feel the crunch of the leaves under my feet. I like the tug of my dogs leash as they explore the freshly mowed grass. I love the chill in the air, as I walk along our apartment lined street listening to podcasts. Why not walk?

7. Eat Veggies with every meal. Perhaps, a lovely tossed salad with baby greens and feta cheese. Or, steamed carrots lightly glazed with farmer's market honey. Oh How I love vegetables.

8. Have a date day/night with Josh once a month. We could catch a movie. Or, sit by the fire at a winery. Explore local coffee roasters. Devour fried chicken at the Lemp Mansion. Have an indoor picnic at the Art Museum. Sled ride. Bundle up for Winter Hikes. Check out Union Station. Take a day trip to Kansas City for BBQ. Read the NY times at our local coffee shop.

9. Learn to make Potstickers and Tamales.

10. Read a novel a week. Or a cookbook.

11. Floss.

12. Learn more about organic gardening. And pine for the farmer's market to open again.

13. Cook. Cook. Cook. and Cook.

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