I must confess:

I work at McDonald's.

Although there is nothing inherently wrong with this. I don't like to promote unhealthy eating. Yet, I work an establishment where people can order a burger that is over 1,000 calories.

However, It is a living. And, I was recently promoted to Zone Manager. This basically means that I have to take a bunch of classes and then I get to help the Shift manager run a specific area (eg. the drive thru).

Normally while I am at work, I just work in the back cash area of the drive thru where I take orders and money.

BUT, today is the first day where I will be working as a universal runner for the drive thru, and front counter. This is where you bag the orders, communicate with the grill, and help out the other crew. (Basically, this is what I will be doing as a Zone Manager.)

Frankly, I'm nervous.

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