Another one bites the dust:

Lately, I have noticed a strange odor coming out of my pug's mouth. Upon further investigation, I discovered that he does indeed have a small amount of tooth decay.

He is three years old, and chews regularly on bones. I guess this is not enough.

My research discovered that I must:

1. Brush his teeth with baking soda. Lack of time has prevented me from doing so lately. (This laziness must cease. I do not want to jeopardize my dogs health.)

2. Dab a 3% peroxide solution on his teeth with a cotton ball to help remove tartar. (No problem, I can do this.)

3. Never feed him soft foods. (In fact, I only give them hard bones and carrots as snacks.)

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Moral of the story: I really want my pug, Pikachu, (and Pugapoo) to live a long and healthy life. I plan to do everything in my power to make sure that this happens. Even if that means taking time out of my busy schedule to brush baking soda and peroxide on his little teeth.

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