100 things.

I've swiped the 100 things from a former blog reader. I haven't blogged in ages and thought this post might get me to bring out the camera and get things in gear.

So without further adieu, 100 things:
1. I have over 400 cookbooks and plan on collecting an entire house full.
2. I have a loving husband who would go to the end of the earth for me (or apply to a graduate school in the area so I don't have to move.)
3. I love my job as a nutrition assistant, but complain about it constantly.
4. I listen to and watch so many podcasts that Itunes probably knows me by name.
5. Most of those podcasts have to do with food culture and cooking.
6. I eat, breath, live, and sleep food.
7. I also knit. So far: one dishcloth, one sock, one hat, and ton of scarves.
8. Saying that, I cannot follow a knitting pattern to save my life.
9. My husband and I have nothing in common at all, but I love him more than life itself, and I think he's fun.
10. It took me several years to replace my soft, worn threadbare quilt. (Josh found my replacement at Target about a month ago, but isn't exactly in my favorite color scheme.)
11. I love Les Creuset. In fact, when we were on vacation I found the perfect pot and had it shipped from San Francisco to St. Louis.
12. We don't have a television in our house, but I watch Netflix DVDs on the computer.
13. I will probably be in college forever because I cannot decide on an occupation.
14. I love my pug, a little too much sometimes.
15. I check out way too many books at a time from the library, but only read a handful.
16. I love Monterey Bay, California.
17. My bunny hates me.
18. I walk almost two miles during my lunch at work everyday.
19. I not-so-secretly want to be a farmer.
20. I am addicted to Celebrity Baby Scoop.
21. I've realized the power of a praying wife. Most certainly.
22. My pugapoo and I have a really good mother/doggy relationship lately.
23. I listen to Cast On on my way to work every morning. (I don't know what I'll do when I run out of episodes.)
24. I heart my KitchenAid mixer.
25. I drink two cups of artisan coffee every morning.
26. I've been pretty obsessed about the larvae breast on PostSecret. (Google it.) I really cannot get past it. Eww.
27. I am learning espanol, but I have an American chick accent.
28. I adore my niece, Londyn. She's a sweetie pie.
29. Josh and I make crepes every Sunday for dinner.
30. I am slightly obsessed with Tori Spelling right now. (She's neat.)
31. I love making pies.
32. I am so crabby sometimes. . . It's unreal.
33. I have fantasies of traveling the world with my sidekick pug and Joshua, of course.
34. I don't have a knack for cooking Indian food.
35. I only like grapes that have been chilled on ice.
36. I love wearing glasses!
37. I love Dansko clogs. I want a pair in every color.
38. I love grey patent leather. It's a new obsession.
39. I've lost 12 lbs since September, and I am trying to reevaluate my fitness goals.
40. My mother often surprises me with her generosity.
41. I love milk chocolate caramels with sea salt. Yum!
42. I drink Oberweis milk without abandon.
43. I feel like time is running out for having a child, but I'm not exactly ready to take that step yet.
44. I love crunching through the snow.
45. Van Gogh, Kahlo, and Dali are great artists. I don't care if its Cliche.
46. I cannot help but feel that my sister is so grown up. I'm so proud of her.
47. I wish I had more time to visit my parents at their little lake house. (It's fun.)
48. I worry. ALOT.
49. Dessert is the most important part of the day.
50. Amazon.com probably knows my credit card number by heart.
51. In the past few years my shoe size has went from a seven to an eight. (Imagine waking up one morning and realizing that none of your shoes fit.)
52. I rarely read directions.
53. I love romance movies, and almost refuse to watch anything else. (Except old television sitcoms.)
54. I think that Audrey Hepburn is fabulous.
55. I often fall asleep to the BBC World Service.
56. One of these days, I am going to have to study chemistry in order to keep up with Josh. (If I don't die of boredom first.)
57. I often walk on the treadmill at the gym just so I can watch House Hunters.
58. Fish scare me, but we have a salt water aquarium.
59. On that note, my mom was keeping a clown fish for me for a couple of years. Two days before we were supposed to get him back, the air conditioner broke at my parent's house and killed the whole tank. Sometimes, things like that happen and I think that my mom was more upset than I was.
60. We have a very full compost bin on our back patio.
61. If I go plastic bagless for a month, I am buying myself one of these. (I haven't made it quite yet.)
62. I am seriously concerned about the Pacific Garbage patch, but have no idea what to do.
63. Casseroles are groovy.
64. Burt's Bee is one of my mainstays.
65. I have to use Selsun Blue, otherwise my hair is flaky. Yuck.
66. I haven't worn jeans in so long. I can't even remember.
67. I love leggings!
68. My childhood dog died on my birthday a couple of years ago.
69. Earthbound Farm is so awesome.
70. My first job was dressing up as the Chuck E Cheese character.
71. My actual first job was working at the library. Apparently, I wasn't very good at it, so my boss called my mom. I quit, but not before expressing a few choice words.
72. I don't really drink anything alcoholic, but would like to.
73. For fun, I add things to my Amazon.com wish list.
74. I'm really trying to hope for the best in life.
75. I'm a major homebody.
76. Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a day has saved my life.
77. I have a $120 dollar a week grocery budget, for two people. I hardly ever use the whole thing.
78. I love BLUE.
79. I want to ride my bike more. It's just a hassle suiting up.
80. I wish I could be a vegetarian, but I really like bacon. A lot.
81. I love vegetables!
82. In fact, when I get a tattoo it's going to be an artichoke, on my leg.
83. The artichoke tattoo will be covering up a homemade tweety tattoo. (I never even liked tweety.)
84. If I only had to have one perfume for the rest of my life it would be Vera Wang, Vera Wang.
85. On my Birthday, every year, I drag Joshua to Global Foods. It's an amazing grocery store that has so many inernational foods.
86. I once lived in Saudi Arabia and Hawaii.
87. However, I am perfectly happy staying in Missouri for awhile.
88. I don't text. I really only have a cell phone for emergencies.
89. MFK Fischer and Elizabeth David rock my world.
90. I think it's funny when the dietetic student's that I work with eat junk food.
91. First thing in the morning, I open the shades so that Pugapoo can look out the window. He expects it.
92. I subscribe to the following magazines: Everyday with Rachael Ray, Cooks Illustrated, Food Network Magazine, and Everyday food.
93. I make a mean Shepard's pie.
94. My google reader has 100 unread blog posts. (It used to have a 1,000 but I have cut back.)
95. Alice Waters is my idol.
96. I'm a clutterbug. See number 1.
97. There something to be said about pencils. It means you can erase mistakes.
98. I don't have a favorite food, just favorite experiences.
99. I hate junk mail.
100. That being said, I have a vendetta against the mail man. See number one.

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Bee said...

Hi, Jenney,
You commented on my book blog once, so I check your blog out every once in a while. I like it!
First - I wanna steal your 100 Things idea - can I? :)
Second - if you wanna go veg*n AND you can cook, you'll never miss the bacon. I recommend VEGANOMICON by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. It's vegan, but it's everything you need to know about savory traditional Western fare and how to make it vegetarian.

Again, great blog. Like the look.