Meet my Kitchen:

It has been several months since we have moved into to our new apartment. I've been meaning to post a tour of our new home, but I wanted to have all of my peas in a row. If you know me then you know that polished and straightened is never going to happen. I am a user of things and I definitely use our kitchen.

I figured that tonight was as good as any to show you my kitchen.


As usual, I am in the middle of a million projects. The cherries are sitting quietly on a sheet pan waiting to be frozen. I am brewing a press pot of Metropolis coffee, while a crock pot of broth is simmering in the background. The dishwasher hums as tonight's dinner waits to be put away. Abandoning the clean-as-you-go theory of cooking, I still have left-over wrappers from tonight's dinner on the counter.

Josh's espresso machine hogs the counter. My kitchen aid take up just as much space. My teapots, a long forgotten obsession, loom over the cabinets. My first painting even hangs haphazardly on the wall.

Okay, so my kitchen is not an immaculate, gourmet kitchen. It's not spotless, or even clean. It's nothing fancy. However, my kitchen represents me: a busy cook who loves to create delicious things to taste. I feel at home in this apartment and I certainly wouldn't have it any other way.


Emily said...

Hello Kitchen, nice to meet you.

Feed the Moose said...

I just wanted you to know that I linked to this post on my blog, and that it inspired me to show my own kitchen!

Miss Steffy said...

Oh how i will miss the metal cabinets, but look at that counter space..and a dishwasher!!! freaken sweet.

SAHM I am said...

Now that kitchen looks like one that cranks out some yummy goodness. Immaculate kitchens are for those who reheat take out!
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Ayesha said...

There is nothing wrong with an espresso machine and a kitchen aid mixer taking up a lot of space, I'd kill to have both of those sitting on my two feet of counter space in my little apartment, lol =o).