I have a bit of a dilemma

I committed to the blog 365 thing, and so far I have posted ever single day. Sometimes I put time and effort into my post. Other times, I give you a youtube video. Lately, it's been more youtube videos. Perhaps, I'm burnt out.

Do I forgo my commitment and only post when I have time to make it a "quality" post?

I'm just afraid that if I don't keep up my habit my post will be farther and fewer.


Alanna said...

No dilemma. Just change your mind. What's the downside? A little change in direction. What's the upside? A life.

PS As someone who really did cook and post a recipe every single day for a year, I can tell you, it's lunacy. Post when you've got something to say that will have value a year from now.

lonewolfbefree said...

A post from the heart means much more that a post just to post.

Heather said...

Post what you like when you like!!

La C. said...

I made one commitment this year, to do things my way. It's been working out well so far. I thought about blogging every day, then realized that it was an impossibility. My creativity waxes and wanes like the moon. No point in forcing anything.