How Corny!

This is a serious reminder to read your food labeling and get away from processed foods that use high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup is really bad for you. Studies link that high fructose corn syrup leads to glucose intolerance which is ultimately the precursor to type II Diabetes. Lab animals (Sorry Stef!) that were fed HFCS have even been known to have cirrhosis of the liver and an extreme amount of fatty deposits.

Unfortunately high fructose corn syrup is almost everything we eat from pasta to bread.

Therefore, it is important for us to get back to our roots and make our own food. Preparing bread from scratch is so simple and requires minimal ingredients. (And it definitely has no HFCS.) Besides, when you prepare a recipe you are in control of what goes into it. Who has time for that, right? Well, fruits and vegetables are really easy to prepare and so nutritious.

For further reading, please read this informative article:

The Double Danger of
High Fructose Corn Syrup

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SAHM I am said...
Check out this site! Its about getting locally grown and produced food. There are many food co-ops in the city and are an awesome resource for eating REAL food. I am a firm believer that my digestive system should be the only processing food goes through.