My wishes:

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As my school semester winds down, I find that this is generally a time for reflection and resolution. There are a lot of things about this last year that have been incredibly difficult for me, and as a result I have been extremely crabby and hard to get a long with. That's about to change.

1. I have decided that although I really enjoy pursuing my education, I'm not really in a rush. From now on, I am only taking six credit hours per semester. Next semester I am only taking political science and micro-computer applications.

2. It's really important to me that Josh succeeds. I would really like for him to be able to go to graduate school anywhere he wants, as long as they have a Trader Joes. :-)

3. I would really like to pursue holistic skin care next year. I am interested in aromatherapy and home remedies.

4. I am going to cook my way through all of my cookbooks. Hopefully that will bring me some interesting blog material.

5. Recycle. Recycle. Recycle. I would really love to learn to apartment compost.

6. I would really like to have a good body image of myself without focusing on the damn scale. I would like to ride my bike more and walk the dogs a little bit. (I have also realized that I am not my co-workers. I never will be. I don't love the coach, or insert-other-designer-brand-here, I would never buy anything that expensive and wasteful anyway. I will not be bothered by their stares because I wear leggings or a bright pink t-shirt. They are no better than I am. We are just different, and they need to accept that.)

7. I had such fun painting lately. Even though I wouldn't consider myself an artist, painting is really enjoyable and stress releasing.

8. I would like to start going to yard sales. On that same token, I would also like to de-clutter the house a little and use what I have.

9. I am going to freakin' learn how to use my sewing machine, and I have taken up loom knitting. I am going to make some leg-warmers, and scarves! I would love to make some skirts and hem my pants. Oh, I cannot wait.

10. I would like to have lunch with my mom (and Rick, and Keri and Shawn) once a month. I recently spent some time at my parents house, and I had such a blast. My sister is going to have a baby in April, so my mom is getting Keri's old room ready for the baby (Elizabeth, Eleanor, Renee, Madison.) Anyway, we ate dinner and then went through all of our old cabbage patch clothes. It was lovely!

11. I would also like to continue my daily devotions and positive thinking. I really want to learn more about God without feeling stupid about it.

12.Oh, and I just want to read!

13. And Eat lots of Vegan cupcakes and Veggies!

14. I miss Stef and Jeremy. Where are you?


AMEN said...

you should check out a store called home eco, in south city. they can help you with apartment composting, for sure. and yeah, finding out there was a trader joe's here helped ease the transition more than most ould think. food is such an important issue, and particular foods help to create and sustain a self-identity. also, have you ever been to a grocer on south grand called jay asia? check it out, amazing international foods store, and cheap!

La C. said...

We have quite a few of the same goals for next year. Keep us updated.