I had big plans for us tomorrow. It's my day off and Josh so happens to be off too. That's a miracle! I thought we would try out this German restaurant that serves sauerbraten. Only, the restaurant is closed on Mondays. So instead I thought we would check out tapas at Modesto. It sounds really, really yummy, and I have a free appetizer. I have anticipated the day off all week, and really wanted to plan something special.

However, when it really comes down to it, I just want to do normal things tomorrow... like sit on the couch and watch movies, or buy fruit from the fruit stand. I'll return a small stack of books to the library, and leave with another to-read pile. I just want to sit with Josh at the coffee shop drinking tea and espresso. Maybe he'll bring the laptop and finally give that puzzle website a go. I'll read, and read, and read, like usual.

I'll cook a nice meal for Josh tomorrow instead of going to that fancy tapas place. Maybe use the fresh green before they go bad, or over indulge in warmed, goat cheese with toasted french bread.

We'll nap sometime in the afternoon, waking up with the dogs snuggled tightly against us. Then we'll go for some ice-cream at Oberweis. Yes, I'll order cookie dough. Josh will have cookies and cream. We'll split a fruit punch, pouring it into two little cups. You have to have the little cups, otherwise it doesn't taste the same.

Then we'll come home and watch Visions of England, or some other cheesy travel video before settling into bed just in time to go back to work.

I treasure these mundane days. I don't really get to see that much of Josh these days. He's working like crazy. I thought, perhaps, that I would make our day off special, but just being together makes it special enough for me. I don't need glitz or glam, fancy restaurants or adventurous excursions. I just need Josh and some lovely time spent with him.


Misty said...

you made me nostalgic of my pre-parent days. Someday she will have camp, and we can be at home, normal and unchanging. It's odd when we, as adults, come to that place where we realize we long for the quiet and mundane, rather that the adventurous and exciting!

Thank you for reminding me to be content in the moment!

Jo said...

I want your life lol.