Oui! Quiche!

Last week, I finished the book Au Paris, the memoir of an American girl in Paris. She quits her corporate gig to become an Au pair for the summer before starting graduate school.

Although I must say that Rachel Spencer wasn't much of a nanny, she did tempt me with her culinary travels, espresso love, and french diatribes. I am, indeed, a self confessed francophile.

I suppose that feeding my French obsession wasn't exactly the premise of her story. Instead, She took us on a journey where she managed to find herself. And, I think I know how she feels. I am so content right now. It's flowing out of me.

Throughout the entire book, Rachel kept threatening to make quiche. My mouth kept watering, so I had to whip up a batch myself.

In honor of Au Paris, and the feeling of content that comes with my life, I made quiche. Delicious wonderful quiche.

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(It was before I got my farm fresh eggs.)

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