Spring has Sprung, and so have I.

A day in the life of Jenny:

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Today, is a rather lovely day.

I awoke to a crazy pug licking the likes of my face. I rolled over and told him to lay down. He did, but only after he poked his sticks into the side of my arm. Sticks is the affectionate name that we call his feet, and the only part of his body that has resemblance to anything thin. And, for some reason, this makes me have all the love in the world for my wonderful little pug named, Pikachu.

The pug and I played around on the bed for awhile, biting and wrestling, until I had the urge to call, Josh. I miss him today. I have been having a rough week, and he has really been there for me.

After that, I got my butt out of bed, and took a steaming, hot shower. Then I put on a springy skirt, one of my favorite navy t-shirts, and my fox shoes. It was time for me to make a sneak trip to the Picasso's Coffee. Much to the dismay of Josh, Arctic Espresso here I come.

I sat at Picasso's sipping my icy, foamy, too sweet for most drink while I read the first chapter of Shopaholic and Baby, by Sophie Kinsella. I'll admit. This is not a profound piece of literature, but everyone has a vice. Mine is chick lit. If you really call it a vice. I like humour, and light comedy. All of which Sophie Kinsella brings to each and every one of her books. Sue me.

Since I don't really have that much time on Saturdays, I went grocery shopping at my new found love, Midtowne IGA. It's one of two independently owned groceries in Saint Charles, and quite a gem. They have crusty french bread, a salad bar, great deals at their deli, and killer desserts . You don't even have to walk miles in a huge warehouse just to pick up a few things.

However, I do usually end up picking up more than a few things, since I usually go shopping hungry. It also seems so much easier to pick up junk food since everything is a little more dense.

On my way home, I took a drive by the "that could have been our house." A couple of years ago, we almost put a contract on a house in frenchtown. It wasn't exactly what we were looking for, but it was a house. Needless to say, we were weary about it, so it didn't work out.

I don't really feel upset about it. In fact, driving by made me think about how our life is going quite nicely right now. There is really only one thing, I would change, and I am slowly starting to work that out. I know that everything is going to be okay. In fact, that may be as soon as Monday. So, wish me luck.

I realized that in about three or four years, Josh and I will have our own little house like the ones I see driving around. Hopefully, I will be a dietitian or something of the sort. Josh will have Lindenwood under his belt. We will have another pug. Barbeque's with friends and family. Bike rides. Love. Coffee. Even more happiness and contentment.

Sometimes, it feel like I am trying to convince myself. It may have been that way at first, but I am just look forward to the future while being content with the present.

When I got home, I actually turned on the air. It is a steam bath in our apartment. As much as love it, in it's strip hotel sort of way, I wish we had central air. It's registering 85 degrees in the house.

I almost feel bad for our animals. Especially Dusty Bean who was stuck in his stuffy cage all day while I slept. Don't fret. Soon after I turned on the air, I let him out of his cage to hop around causing mischief. I found him and Pikachu crawling around under the bed where I had to lure them out with a carrot. They are quite the pair.

All this while Pugapoo sleeps at my feet.

I think I'll bake some Chocolate Chip cookies to celebrate an amazing day. Josh is the only thing that would make it better.

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