Ode To Ariel,

Another Lucky Mouse.

Once upon a time, in a land not far away,
there was a wicked, black-haired lady (no, not me)
who had a hawk trapped in her house.

In an effort to free the creature from her trappings,
she dangled a mouse in front of the hawk.

Luckily, the Rodent fairy swept the wee mouse away just in time,
and gave it a castle and other fancy.

Now the dark hair lady has a hamster.
What is she going to do, dangle it in front of an elephant?

Perhaps, a hamster is the wrong thing to dangle.
Maybe it should be her instead.

And, we shall all live happily ever after.
The END.

(Photo is of Lucky. Courtesy of Miss Steffy, used with Permission. Please commence.)

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