So, Luck be a Lady tonight....

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Today has been a really strange and lucky day.

When I went to fold laundry, I noticed that all of our towel were missing, and my tablecloth. I was in a daze on Monday when I did the laundry, so I knew that I could have left it at the laundry center.

Yep, they were in the washing machine. I went to check and they were still there. They were stinky, and starting to grow funky looking things, but still there. Thank god.

I figured that since I was going to have to wash the missing/stinky garments again, I might as well do all of the laundry. So, I went to the Car Wash close to my house to get change. When I inserted the ten dollar bill into the change machine, a ton of quarters poured out.

I didn't even think about it until later when I pulled the change out of my pocket. There was a mother-load of quarters in there. It gave me change for a 20 dollar bill. Oh yes~! Maybe we can sneak away to the coffee shop and pay in quarters. :-) Wanna come?

Then I absolutely landed making brownies. This is my first time ever. Hallelujah Martha Stewart and her Baking Handbook. I must say that she is the BEST. These brownies confirm it.

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I really am going to have to watch it, otherwise I may devour the whole pan. Nah. I have a little self control.

So, Luck be a Lady tonight.... Maybe I should go gamble. With my quarters.... :-)

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