Grow where you are:

Josh and I liked our apartment okay. It served it's purpose: cheap and close to where we want to be. However, we could never really find a way to arrange it without our furniture sticking out in odd angles. Until now.

On Sunday, we put a bunch of stuff that we don't have room for into our storage closet. Then we took a stab at rearranging the kitchen (our main problem.)

And it worked.....

Here's a few pictures of what we came up with.

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This is my kitchen. Please notice, I have a dining area! Also, I absolutely love my cup shelf. It's my favorite part of it all.

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I arranged all of my cookbooks today. I use the cookbooks on the middle shelf (with the short wave radio) the most.

I must say that I love it.

I have a bunch of stuff that I have been cookin' up, but have not had time to blog about. We have had delicious mashed potatoes, and awesome coffee from Intelligentsia that I cannot wait to talk about.


Jo said...

Looking great.. I came upon another blog that you may be interested in.. I know it peaked my interest:

unregistered text offender said...

yes you appear to be very organised......... for a given value of the word organised.