For the Love of the Bean

Thanks to my lovely husband, I like to say that I have a more refined appreciation for coffee. Although, I generally order a mixed, frothy, sugary drink while at the coffee shop, at home I could love nothing more than a good press pot.

I have learned many that there are many factors that involve a really good cup:
origin, or blend
brewing method
and so much more...

While I still think that all this is important, there is so much more to coffee than that.

Coffee is:

Take my husband, Josh. He pours so much love into a cup of coffee. I prefer him to make it because I feel like I can almost taste it. I'm not the only one that feels this way. For years, Josh has been told that his coffee is just so much better. I know that it's because of all of the love, tenderness, and passion that goes into making a good cup of coffee.

Also, Picasso's, this lovely coffee shop that we frequent shows the kindness and fellowship that coffee brings the world. All of the staff are pretty passionate about what they do. They are friendly enough to strike up a conversation, or make sure that our visit was pleasant. I have heard several times that we are good customers, and that makes us feel good.

Even today, The Barista's received a ten dollar tip. Instead of pocketing it, they served $10.00 worth of free drinks to customers. That is kindness, and generosity that keeps people coming back and drinking coffee.

So Josh, to answer your question, the flavors that I taste in this Yirgacheffe that I am drinking are:

PLEASE VISIT: Origin-- A Coffee Journey. I think you will enjoy it.

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lonewolfbefree said...

What is funny, is that every reason you listed as to why you prefer the coffee I make, are the same reasons I prefer the food you make. You put so much heart and passion into your food. You can taste it. I can not wait until you are ready to share your gift with others.