Goals Moles. . .

I have been pretty hesitant to post my annual goals post, but I suppose that I must. It's tradition, after all.

1. First and foremost, I am going to practice being a praying wife. I have a wonderful husband who supports me and all of my idiosyncrasies. I shall do the same to him.

2. I want to eat as many veggies as possible this year. I LOVE VEGGIES!

3. I have started a new chapter in my schooling. I am going to Columbia College to complete a bachelor's degree in America Studies. I pray that I do well! I know I will. It feels so great to have a direction for once.

4. I am going to keep my car clean. I SWEAR!

5. I am going to curve my cookbook buying. Umm, Maybe. At least, I am going to try not to be so materialistic about books. **Bites nails** Maybe.

6. I would really like to develop a yoga practice for once.

7. And a walking routine. I love to walk and listen to my favorite podcasts.

8. I want to do devotionals most nights with my Joshua. I think that can be accomplished.

9. Farmers markets! Yes, I need to take the initiative to go to farmer's markets on the weekends.

10. Accomplish some head way on the cookbook challenge.

11. Post blogs often and comment feverishly on other blogs. (Comments are awesome, don't you think?)

12. Reach out to my family this year.

13. Our home simply needs to reach some level of organization this year.

14. I want to try a new restaurant with Joshua every month.

15. Hug my Puggies! and rodents.

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