My Hero. . .

Did you know that Joshua walks me to my car almost every night at work? It's pretty sickening, right? Even after almost six years of marriage, I never tire of Joshua doing this.


He will even brave the sleet and snow, to walk me up four flights of stairs to the top of a snowy, icy parking lot. Tonight was not exception. As we slid our way to my car, I sat inside as he scraped ice off of my windshield.

As I turned the wheel of my car towards the exit of the parking lot, Josh cried out. Wait! Next to a nearby SUV, a woman was lying on the ground. I stopped the car, and Joshua made his way to the woman. She had slipped on the ice, and hit her head on the curb. Joshua helped the woman to her feet while I called security. He stayed there with her until security came to take the woman to the emergency room.

I'll never know what happened to the woman that Joshua saved. I'll never know if she is okay. However, I do know that Josh is my hero, because he saved a woman who had fallen on ice. . . and he saved me.

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SAHM I am said...

That's a good man you've got there. This world needs more people like that.