Is it really only August 18?

The weather is too beautiful for August. I've always remember August as being the dog days of summer. Ya know, the days where going outside is like a steam bath. August is usually so hot you could fry an egg on the side walk. Missourians are holed up in their house until September for fear of sweating to death from the scorching heat and humidity.

Not this year. Josh and I have been able to walk almost every night without keeling over from heat exhaustion. We even slept with our windows open last night! The cool breeze tickled our toes and blew strands of hair away from our faces to reveal smiles of contentment. It was perfect!


Pugapoo is certainly enjoying this wonderful weather. He begged to look out the window, so I propped him up on a kitchen chair. He has been basking in the sun ever since. Every time someone walks by, he lets out a squeal of approval. Life is great!

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