As I stepped out my back door, I noticed this big guy had set up shop on the back patio.


I was taken aback a little. It was a giant spider and an even bigger web! (I think he was trying to catch me.)

However, I just couldn't ruin his handwork. How I would feel if I spent hours making a homemade tomato sauce for Josh to dip his dirty fingers into the pot? I would be upset, enraged even.

Instead, I let the spider be and made this delightful marinara sauce to pour over whole wheat spaghetti.


Bon appetite, Little Spider.


Miss Steffy said...

Oh Jen you know I have arachnophobia, outside our apartment, a giant spider made a web in my carport..I was terrified but Jeremy came and named him Zeke and we live in peace if he continues to eat the mosquito's. They terrify me but they are babies to...note the conflict here. Maybe we can set up a blind date for our spiders

Anita (aka Angelnina) said...

I manage to ruin their web design at least every other day. I always seem to walk right into the webs when I'm gardening, and it aint easy getting web out of this hair :)